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Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

For our customers who chose our O&M services, Solaer USA provides the regular operations and maintenance activities to the solar power system.  These activities ensure that the operating solar power system generates the maximum energy throughout the long life of the system.


Solaer USA utilizes high quality solar modules and inverter equipment which are provided with manufacturer warranties. However, the solar power system still requires regular maintenance.  Solaer USA can provide a comprehensive O&M task package, tailored to meet the customers’ needs.  This O&M task package includes, but is not limited to:

Regular module surface cleaning:  The most cost efficient and operationally effective activity is to simply clean the surface of the solar modules.  The keeps the sun’s rays on a clean path to the solar cells, without being blocked by dirt and debris on the glass face of the module.

Electrical inspections:  Our team of technicians inspect the wiring and connectors from module-to-modules and string-to-inverters.  In addition, Solaer USA checks the inverter, AC wiring, disconnects, and circuit breakers/transformers through to the grid connection.

Thermographic imaging:  Using the latest thermal imaging equipment, Solaer USA inspect the solar modules, connections, and other electrical devices for thermal hot-spots. By identifying any problem areas which may form, corrective action may be taken to re-establish electrical integrity.

Thermal - Thermographic aerial view of a

Landscaping control:  Normal grasses, plants, and shrubs can impinge on a ground-mounted solar power system.  Our team keeps weed growth to a minimum, so it does not damage any wiring or block solar modules from the sun.  High growing trees can also shade the roof-mounted solar power system.  Our team of skilled professionals will keep shading vegetation growth to a minimum.

Preventative maintenance:  In addition to the above activities, solar rack with sun trackers require additional maintenance.  Many ground-mounted systems now require single-axis trackers, and to maintain the tracker bearings, motors, and other moving parts to ensure maximum solar production.

Unplanned maintenance:  On rare occasions devices and equipment fail.  When the normal PM requires additional corrective action, our technical team jumps into action to make the needed repairs or equipment replacement.  This minimizes unplanned operational outages.

Manage property damage and liability insurance: We have insurance partners which may provide the needed damage and liability insurance of the solar power system. With the wide impact of Natural Disasters throughout the country, the financial backing of a properly covered insurance policy will keep the customer at ease.

Our customers and system investors may select all or none of our Solaer USA O&M services, as the project needs dictate.

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