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Solar Power Development

Solaer USA focuses on large-scale Solar Power plant development throughout the United States.

A large-scale Solar Power plant involves many steps and processes.  This includes securing the land, interconnection and environmental permits, land preparation, soils testing, installing solar racking into the ground, electrical connections and commissioning, and many more. Large-scale Solar can also be developed on roof surfaces, providing Solar Power to the building occupants, or sold into the grid for consistent long-term Solar revenue.

Are you a land-owner interested in how Solar can work for you?  Contact Solaer USA to find out if your land qualifies for a Solar Revenue Royalty.  We do all the work, and you collect Solar revenue for decades to come.

Are you a building owner with a significant amount of roof surface?  Contact Solaer USA to find out how your roof can generate Solar revenue.  Most of the time roofs are a cost center, but learn how Solar Power can make your roof a profit center.

Vacant Land
Solar racking installed in ground
San Clement 1
Empty roof space
Solar roof racking
Solar covering roof
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